How do you describe your profession?

Funny how the simplest question is actually the most difficult to answer.

I have spent countless hours contemplating my career in modern words.  Admittedly that’s weird– but so is my profession.  I’ve recently come to peace with this 130 character description that now finds a home on my Twitter account (http://www.twitter.com/ryanjoycemagic):

“I rearrange other people’s idea of logic for money and applause. Our era is particularly accepting without affliction or martyrdom”

Basically, I do “magic tricks” without fear of being set on fire in the middle of town square.
A big shout out goes to Science for that.

What makes your tricks different from other magicians?

Magic will always and forever boil down to the same nine types of effects.  What makes my tricks different from other magicians?  Absolutely nothing.  A coin disappearing will always be a vanish.  McDonalds can’t patent the hamburger but they can patent the secret sauce.

My secret magic sauce (try and get that visual out of your head) is a series of everyday, ordinary oddities seen through my particularly twisted and albeit unusual view of the world.  What makes my tricks different from other magicians?  I’m doing them.  Combine Ryan Joyce insecurities, with Ryan Joyce limitations and Ryan Joyce ‘talents’ and you get Ryan JoyceTM.

Not surprisingly, you can find a bunch of videos online of me doing magic however what you will also find are videos of my material by other magicians, move for move.  It’s missing something.  It’s missing some Thousand Island Dressing, Relish and Ketchup in a squeeze bottle labelled “Secret Sauce.”

What challenges have you faced during your career?

The biggest challenge any artist’s faces, especially magicians, is staying relevant for their audience.  Making magic enjoyable to a mass demographic will forever be the challenge and it is without a doubt the one thing that keeps me up at night.

How have you overcome these challenges?

YouTube.  It is truly the vehicle that is changing my industry.  Most magicians have a Solange vs Jay Z contempt with YouTube—I often hear magicians putting blame on “the YouTube” for magic’s lackluster popularity over the past ten years.  I completely disagree.  I see YouTube as the second best conduit for magic—it will give birth to the new generation of magicians.

You can never replace the feeling of seeing magic live—a video camera cannot record the electricity of two thousand people gasping together but it does inspires hope for my industry.

Speaking of YouTube is it true that you’ve recently produced a video performing magic for celebrities like Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Drew Barrymore and other famous divas?

In a weird way yes.  But like all good tricks there is a secret.  I recently collaborated with Christina Bianco who is an up and coming star who has one of those truly unbelievable talents.  She can manipulate her voice to impersonate over 50 celebrities, spot on.  Plus she has the singing voice of an angel.

I hate her :p

Our collaboration itself was a bizarre turn of events.  Out of the blue, last year friends of mine insisted that I watch this video of a girl who sang “Total Eclipse of the Heart” while changing her voice faster than Vin Diesel changes gears.

I must confess that I am one of those individuals who is incapable of producing pleasant noises in any key, so I tweeted her before the video was over.  As luck would have it a few months later we randomly ended up sharing the stage together and become fast friends.

Strange how life works.

What happened next?

We opted to do something that has never been—a parody video that pokes fun at magicians and celebrities.  Who doesn’t want to see how Sarah Palin would react to a magic trick.

The finished result is what we titled “Celebrity Divas React to Magic.  The six minute edited video was just as rewarding as overcoming the obstacles we had creating the video.  In fact, it was so unique we documented the process and all the unusually limiting circumstances that came along with it.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8284mELmaJ8)

What do you get when you combine a $1.50 Disney wig and a little paint?

Liza Minnelli of course.



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