Happy New Year!

This photo is a not a hyperbole. Not because of the content, because it was thrown together in 15 minutes fumbling out the door to a New Years soiree.  Fitting that my first 2015 “birth” was rushed and impulsive.  Some habits I guess will never die.

This started out as a pointless, generic “Happy New Year” and 2015 using the setting sun as the “0.”  Every second I spent working on it was slowly killing my soul.

It was not worth either of our time.

Could be luck or some divine Photoshop God (who I will refer to hereinafter as “Adobe“) but something saved my idiot mind.  I wish my luck in the Creative Cloud transcended into my real life problem solving abilities (making magic tricks and shuffling through airports.) How amazing would a real-life CTRL+Z be?  Kick-ass!

I purchased this little magnetic timer because I’m a sucker for fun wonder-inspiring novelties.  It uses magnetic filings and a magnet to create some fun visuals.  It was also fitting that the “sand” was black.  Perfect for a fading sunset.

The photo was born.


Last minute, rushed and The sun now sets on another year with much anticipation for 2015, I wish all of you an amazing new year!! The sunset in this photo was captured in the Caribbean but more importantly reminded me to cherish life’s most precious gifts. May 2015 bring you many gifts. Peace and love, R.



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