I am beginning to find my voice.

One of those things that your “outgoing friends” found years ago and your eccentric friend may never find.  I’m in the middle of that road and it feels like being the second last person to a party.  “Phhheww thank god I’m not the last one.”

You know that voice?

As an obsessive people watcher I’ve noticed some people have the ability to articulate their inner voice through a series of well constructed (or not so well) sentences and enthusiasm.  It’s as if their voice has been heard. It’s not a specific set of audible benchmarks, rather it’s a self-interpreted confidence that says “fuck yeah– I don’t care what you think.”  It requires an emotional commitment regardless of judgement.

That voice.

Peace and Love,



PS: This image has a soundtrack that accompanies it.  This amazing song.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hI-XEMqcI30


ryan_lifting_CU 20141216-DSC_6678

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