What This Guy Does With An Egg Will AMAZE YOU!

1What came first? The magician or the egg.  I have no idea, if you figure it out let me know.  However making this video was refreshing.  It was quick and easy.  I have a habit of boxing myself into these fragile enclosures that seem inescapable– it’s amazing what hitting a hard surface with a little momentum will […]

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Squirrel of the Bells (Hidden Camera)

Right in my own back yard is the Autobahn for furry creatures.  The squirrels use the fence system in our community as an artery for smuggling nuts.  I’m particularly fond of nuts, but I don’t like to share.  My neighbour however is a dealer.  I decided to pop a camera up there for a day and […]

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WOW! What This Guy Does With Dollar Store Christmas Glitter WILL AMAZE YOU!

Who would ever expect that a trip to the dollar store could have predicted this outcome.  It’s Christmas time and there is no other time of year that is quiet as “magical.”  Ryan Joyce wanted to share! the spirit of Christmas using the only tool he knows how.  His profession.  So he headed to a dollar […]

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Christina Bianco and Ryan Joyce

Celebrity Impersonator Christina Bianco and Illusionist Ryan Joyce Create MAGIC! Magician’s Got Tricks Up His Sleeve For These Celebrities! No other or illusionist has ever dared performing in front of diva’s like Celine Dion, Adele, Sarah Palin, Britney Spears and Barbara Walters. Until now. See what happens when illusionist Ryan Joyce (http://www.ryanjoyce.com) not only entertains […]

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6 Magician’s Tricks OWNED By a Zombie

These tricks are to DIE for! Zombie Magician performs the classics of magic in his uniquely undead fashion. From the Floating Ball trick to appearing tiger– watch in amazement as this zombie mystifies and delights. What’s that up his sleeve? Probably a few pieces of decaying flesh and a silk hankerchief. Enjoy A FACEBOOK HALLOWEEN […]

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Trick Vs. Trick-Or-Treat

If you were a magician wouldn’t you keep all your creepiest tricks for Halloween? I think you would. And so did this guy. The fact that he used magicy (?) stuff instead of camera tricks for his story is what makes different. Not a typical magician’s “taaaddaaa” kinda video. Presto Zombies! #GoTrickYourself PS: That guy […]

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Adorable Puppy vs Magician

A Magical Puppy.  The More He Eats, The More He… Sometimes SURPRISINGLY creative solutions are found in the most unusual circumstances. What happens with a puppy-sitting magician shows a puppy some new tricks? The Cutest Puppy Magic Video! This adorable little bulldog pup meets magician Ryan Joyce ( http://www.ryanjoyce.com ) who is puppy-sitting for the […]

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