I leave Barbados every other Sunday.  It’s a busy busy busy airport on Sundays, flying back to arctic Toronto the day before the start of a week.

My Schedule (www.ryanjoyce.com) I try and keep it up-to-date, its hard on the road!

I travel a lot– I can’t imagine a day of travel like that and then starting 9am the next morning and being on the game.  Travel takes a lot out of you.  The recycled air and NEWLY recycled air, that’s one of the worst parts :p Watch the video and read the napkin.

I’m heading home for a week to enjoy some social time with friends and family back home.  Shows went amazing– two standing ovations.  It’s usually a good sign.

At the Barbados Airport I spot, the most unusual and hilarious jump suit I’ve ever seen.  There may be sprinkles, but there is definitely icing on this jump suit.

It always feels amazing to swing open the door to your own home and peel off your armor.

I call it armor– the suit of protection you wear when facing the war of travel.

Feels good to have a temporary reprise.

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