Lyrics by Ryan Joyce, Nathan Costa

Hello, it’s me.
I’ve been conjuring around the world and thought that we should meet
To go over, where I’ve been
They say that I’m suppose to fool ya
Think I’m done with fooling

[0:31] Hello, can you hear me?
I’m insomniatic scheming ‘bout the tricks your gonna see
When you’re ready [are you ready Criss Angel], and free
You’ll find lots of tricks on youtube if you just subscribe to me

It’s called deception, between us
and they’re friendly lies

[1:08] Presto it’s a tricksters life
I’ve disappeared ten thousand times?
It’s my job—don’t worry let me mess with your thoughts
but when I tell you— it’s gone– we both know it’s not 

[1:32] Hello it’s magic lie
Your brain cells committed suicide
They say — gypsy– Joycey you’re blowing my mind
But it’s all/just patter– clearly– and dozen tricks from the Black, Magic Store

[2:02] Forgo, your logic
if it’s too mystical of me to fool ya without some kind of caution?

then I hope you were ready
but your vacant stare and jaw wide open that proves you close to snapping

[2:26] It’s all secrets– that I can’t discuss
a magic crime

[2:39] So Hello, How’d ya do that guy ?
I’ve been asked that {shit: bleeped} a thousand times
if I told you, sorry— you’d pay with your life
So  don’t tell me “that’s fine magic boy please tell my wife”

Hello,it’s a box of cards
now shuffle them, its not that hard
I want to do this trick but you’re breaking my heart
cause i keep asking you to please pick a card, any card

any card, ooooohhh
pick a card, ooooohhh
any card, ooooohhh
any card, any card

[3:53] Presto it’s a magician’s life
Things levitate for me all the time
I can’t tell you, secrets, for the tricks that I’ve done
But it don’t matter, really, you know it’s all in good fun

Hallelujah, it’s time to hide
I hope that you’ll be mystified
Or else, I’m sorry I do this more than for kicks
cause it’s my job and clearly I like to whip out my tricks
Whip them out.

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