6 Magician’s Tricks OWNED By a Zombie

These tricks are to DIE for! Zombie Magician performs the classics of magic in his uniquely undead fashion. From the Floating Ball trick to appearing tiger– watch in amazement as this zombie mystifies and delights. What’s that up his sleeve? Probably a few pieces of decaying flesh and a silk hankerchief. Enjoy A FACEBOOK HALLOWEEN […]

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Trick Vs. Trick-Or-Treat

If you were a magician wouldn’t you keep all your creepiest tricks for Halloween? I think you would. And so did this guy. The fact that he used magicy (?) stuff instead of camera tricks for his story is what makes different. Not a typical magician’s “taaaddaaa” kinda video. Presto Zombies! #GoTrickYourself PS: That guy […]

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IT”S A SCARY TIME OF YEAR! Are you Ready!?!

Post by Ryan Joyce – International Grand Illusionist.

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