So, I’m sitting at home in my PJ’s enjoying my coffee.  Coffee is sacred to me lol– I am a Bulletproof Coffee guy.  It’s about 11:30am.

I am a morning person, I like mornings and I’m WWAAAYYY more productive in the mornings.  Travel days knock you out, so I think I slept in until about 8:30 and was lounging in my harem.

My agent phones and asks if I can be on a plane out of Toronto by 5pm.

It would be an intense flight schedule with little sleep but I get to entertain aboard the newest ship in Norwegian Cruise Line’s fleet– the Norwegian Escape.  It took a min to assemble the information and form a decision.  I had peeled off my travel armor and was enjoying that freedom.

You can’t just switch into travel mode– it takes a little priming.

I agreed, because I love my job– suited up and headed to the airport.  I had a wiggle room of less than two hours because I live so far away from the airport and I needed to hit the magic shop.  My show was still installed on the Celebrity Eclipse.  I had decided to leave it there since there wasn’t an offer for my time at home.

Lesson learned.

Managed to get all the supplies and make it to the airport in order to stand in Customs line for an hour.  My favourite part of any day, obviously.


Toronto to Miami
Miami to San Juan
sleep for 3 hours
San Juan to Torotola

Possibly two shows that night!

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