Magician and Canadian Illusionist Ryan Joyce (http://www.ryanjoyce.com) recaps a year of adventure with his webseries Touring Tricks which follows him onstage, backstage and around the world.  Taking you to places you’ve never imagined.  From Alaskan grizzly bear encounter to sleeping on an ancient burial ground in Utah, Ryan finds himself in all sorts of interesting adventures.

Follow his adventures on his blog http://www.goTrickYourself.com

This ground breaking series gives a glimpse in to the life of a professional magician like you’ve never experienced before.

Some of the Episodes include:

Webseries: A Very Grizzly Adventure

Webseries: Tricks Out of Tune Part I

Webseries: Tricks Out of Tune Part II

Webseries: Show Day Dramas At Sea

Illusion: Rite of Passage

Magic: Magician VS Equality

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