For someone that’s stepped onto thousands of stages in his career BUT has never walked out to do this.

Magician and Hypnotist Ryan Joyce (http://www.ryanjoyce.com) meets an amazingly talented vocalist Molly Dolores (http://www.mollydolores.com) who offers him a most inquisitive proposition.  Molly offers to teach him how to sing.  She believes his naturally interesting voice could have potential to create music.

They start a daily routine rehearsing approximately an hour a day—and many of those days Ryan would call “two step back days.” These are the kinds of days where everything is impossible.  Tadaa. Try and your magicish your way out of this thing magic boy.SEQ_Singing_Master.00_02_40_29.Still014

Molly tells us about her history in music, having been told she was not a good singer as a child she nearly abandoned her life dream.  She’s now a graduate of American Musical Theatre and Dramatics Academy in New York City who travels the globe singing.

After a few weeks Molly proposes they do Karaoke for a fun way of working towards a final goal.  They start decided what kind of song Ryan could possibly sing in front an audience without embarrassing himself.

We meet Simon J Hanson who is the musical director and band master onboard.  He jokes that if Ryan can’t sing he SEQ_Singing_Master.00_04_25_20.Still021could probably “magic up a voice” Posing the question again saying
Ryan has a unique speaking voice so would it translate into singing voice.

Molly walks in for rehearsal and says a unique opportunity has come up.

That’s on the next episode!



Appearances by:


Molly Dolores Vocalist


Simon J. Hanson Musical Director


Ryan Joyce Magician, Hypnotist

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