After a few days of some crazy travel (three flights, two days and three hours sleep) I made it to Tortola, safe and sound.

It’s significantly warmer in Tortola, then in Toronto.  That’s a given.  Thankfully I get two days to recover from the travel– but my guest entertainer friend who also boarded (and had an even crazier travel schedule than I) had to perform that night.

It’s a coin toss, in this case it was a long day for him, but his shows were awesome!

Got to spend some time on the brand new Norwegian Escape, its so NEW it still has the new cruise ship smell.  Loved this ship!! Lots of technology and the theatre was awesome.

Only four days on the NCL Escape and an overnight in Miami, waiting to board the Celebrity Eclipse.  I decided to spend a little money because travel had ruined my favourite pair of headphones.

Headphones and travel are mandatory.



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