It took a few weeks to get my gear onboard the Celebrity Eclipse.  There tends to always be some kind of hold up, damages or delay with shipping my “emotional baggage”

I don’t even stress about it anymore.  My mainstage show goes in my carry-on and the rest can arrive when it arrives.  It’s the only way conquer the stress.  Easy. Simple. Reliable.

I pack like 4 hours of material in a very small space– this of course includes my Hypnosis Show and a Hypnosis and Mindfulness workshop which are totally different areas of entertainment.  A big hit onboard– make ’em laugh and then educate about some amazing new research of our minds.


This week you get to meet Emily!  She’ll be working with me during my time on the Celebrity Eclipse.  What a doll, you’re gonna love her.  After setting up all the props I get about two hours to rehearse with her, and the a few hours for tech (lighting, sound and video) and then shablazzam, it’s show time.

You’ve gotta to be tested both on stage with the audience and spot on with your theatre time.  It’s a well run entertainment machine!

Both shows went great– we did have an error that was out of our hands.


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